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What is the specific use of the ice box for storing low temperature items?

Update:30 Oct 2017

   What are the specific methods of using the returned […]

   What are the specific methods of using the returned ice box? In fact, the use of ice boxes and ice bags to use the same way, they are different is that they between the packaging materials, ice bags of packaging materials generally use nylon film or PE film, ice box is used in high-density Polyethylene that is HDPE material, ice box in the use of the process than the ice bag durable, but the cost is much higher than the ice bag, and the ice box as a hard material, and with anti-drum structure, it is not easy to drum deformation, It is more casual than ice pack when frozen
How to use the ice box:
(1) in the ice before use, we need to check the ice box, check the ice box is intact, there is no leakage phenomenon, there is no stains,
(2) to ensure that the first step after the ice box to check the need to clear the ice box to be frozen what type of temperature is frozen or frozen, and then select the appropriate freezing equipment to freeze the ice box, the general situation , The freezing capacity of frozen equipment, freezing the number of appropriate ice box, the general charge 12-24 hours that can be filled
(3) before putting the ice box into the low temperature distribution, we need to check whether the ice box is filled, the identification method is to see whether the contents of the ice box is completely solid, if it can be put into use, if not, you need to continue to charge , Until it is completely frozen before use
(4) check the ice box completely frozen, we then put the low-temperature items and ice box size supporting the incubator, put the prescribed number of ice boxes on the low-temperature items around the lid, cover the lid, Sealed, that is, the completion of the use of ice.