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What is the role of cold gel

Update:19 Sep 2017

   Cold gel is generally divided into: household items […]

   Cold gel is generally divided into: household items and medical supplies. Suitable for photorejuvenation, freckle and hair removal, often used in the beauty industry. It is a polymer network system, its own nature is soft, but can maintain a certain shape. Can absorb a lot of water, soluble very strong. Its composition is complex and generally includes collagen, poly-L-lysine, poly-L-glutamic acid, polyacrylic acid, polymethacrylic acid, polyacrylamide, poly-N-polyacrylamide. Due to its own uniqueness, in the mining, food industry, medicine and have used. Here we come to introduce some of the little knowledge about the cold gel it.
   The role of cold gel is a lot, it is often used to anti-inflammatory pain, coupled with its high transmittance, thermal conductivity, the skin is not much stimulation, no loss of the probe, is an ideal thermal light and Rejuvenation of the special medium. Through the high heat conduction, permeability and absorption, whitening effect is often more obvious. Non-irritating, non-toxic, non-greasy and easy to clean. General skin care products are refueling a small amount of ingredients in the inside.
   Cold gel also has a lot of special effects: it can penetrate the skin, have a high nutrient absorption of nutrients, promote cell metabolism, whitening freckle, dilute the stain. Tighten and enhance the facial skin, repair damaged skin tissue, so that the skin delicate and ruddy shiny. No side effects, will not cause damage to the skin's subcutaneous tissue. Is a lot of beauty beauty whitening skin care the best choice.
   In addition to the role of cold gel, its production method is actually particularly simple. We only need to prepare the gel powder, curing agent, plastic soup, stir bar and with the scale of paper cups these things on it. First fast acrylic gel, translucent orange, can completely fix the sample position, solidification time only 6 minutes, does not produce high temperature. And then add some specific type of acrylic resin, put a small amount of curing agent. Stir with a stir bar on it. And then wait about 10 minutes or so, so that condensate can be a solidification.
   The use of cold gel need to pay attention to is: in the use of time to pay attention to protect the eyes, careless eyes must use clean water. When used as a skin care product, first use the water to clean the face, and then use, so as to achieve the best results. And not suited to long-term storage, expired products can not be used. Because it has collagen inside the composition, so some people think that can eat, remember that cold gel can not eat. Although it is non-toxic harmless, but it is also no food value, but also on the intestinal tract have some damage.