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What is an ice box?

Update:20 Apr 2018

For those who have not been exposed to the cold chain i […]

For those who have not been exposed to the cold chain industry before, or have just contacted the cold chain industry, the ice box is still relatively unfamiliar to them. What is an ice box?

Ice box, also known as ice row, ice board, curling, cold source, ice source, cold storage agent or coolant, etc. in the cold chain industry. Each has its own name, but generally refers to ice box products. The contents of the ice box are high-temperature cooling agents with different phase transition temperatures (there are more types of temperature, 2-8°C, -12°C, - 18 °C, -22 °C, -36 °C, -55 °C), is non-toxic environmental protection, but inedible, the color of the contents is basically divided into colorless or colored, basically blue color, which is the market's blue ice The ice box contents are packed with a higher-strength HDPE material. Since the ice box outer package uses a blow-molding process, it has a higher strength and is stronger than a strong compressive, anti-corrosion and anti-freeze. Ice bag (but the cost is much higher than the ice bag), so the ice box is more resistant to turnover and repeated use, in the freezing process is more regular, due to the use of HDPE material forming so it is not easy to drum deformation, can save to a large extent Effective cold transport space in cold chain transport.