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What is a biological ice pack?

Update:05 Mar 2018

Although ice packs are not uncommon in our life, ice pa […]

Although ice packs are not uncommon in our life, ice packs are divided into many different types of ice packs depending on the application. This is not necessarily known to all, so let's take a look at what we call biological packs today.
Before we understand biological ice packs, let's first understand biological products, biological products generally refers to the vaccine, immunosuppressants, insulin, serum and so on. All creatures who know about biological products know that raw products, such as biological vaccines, keep cold at all stages of preservation, transport and use. Because of the temperature sensitivity of biological vaccines, every step in the field from the manufacture of biological vaccines to the use of vaccines , May fail due to overheating. In order to ensure that the vaccine used in the planned immunization has proper refrigeration equipment throughout the process of manufacture, storage, transportation, distribution and use, the vaccine should always be kept under the prescribed cold-keeping conditions so as to ensure that the vaccine's reasonable potency is not impaired.
Therefore, in order to solve the cold storage and transportation needs of biological products, bio-ice bag came into being, biological ice bag completely changed this problem.
Bio-ice bag against the ban on the use of dry ice aviation have to use dry ice, dry ice can not be repeatedly used High cost, difficult to buy dry ice in remote areas and many other difficulties, the introduction of -190 ℃ temperature range of ultra-low temperature dry ice technology ice packs, Use, reusable use of low cost, there is a refrigerator where you can use the cold without geographical restrictions and other obvious advantages in the use of cost, safety and convenience, and many other aspects of the dry ice has changed, changing the air distribution process Not only prohibit the use of dry ice, but also had to use the embarrassing situation of dry ice, low temperature transport of cold goods ideal partner.