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What areas do water injection ice bags apply to?

Update:05 Feb 2018

Most of the current in the market we have to buy the co […]

Most of the current in the market we have to buy the consumer water ice is 2-8 DEG C type refrigerated packs, mainly to refrigeration effect, water ice because of its cheap, easy to carry, easy to be accepted by the US consumer, but the water ice concrete can be used to where?
First, fresh food is placed in fresh food or frozen food packing box in proper amount of ice bag, and it can be preserved and preserved in the course of transportation. A proper amount of ice bag was placed in the vegetable farm, supermarket, living fresh pool and living crab solution to prolong the survival period. Better than machine ice, both save time and save money. (because ice bags can be used repeatedly for cold storage)
Two, family standby families buy several folding ice bags. They are placed in the fridge freezer for a long time, which can reduce the number of fridge startup, save electricity and remove it at any time. For example: cold fever, epistaxis, toothache, neuralgia, saccade, sudden injuries from falls and so can use cold heat. The effect is accurate, safe and reliable, without any side effects. On hot days, go out on a short journey with milk, fruit, food and so on in a container with a few frozen hard pieces of ice to keep cool. In a word, ice bags are suitable for all areas that require artificial physical cooling.
Three. The precision and accuracy of the precision instrument can be guaranteed by placing an appropriate amount of ice bag in precision instrument.
Four. A proper amount of ice bag in vegetable fruit melon fruit melons can be kept fresh and cool. Better than machine ice, both save time and save money.
Five, biopharmaceutical biopharmaceuticals, serum products, virus vaccines, active cells, veterinary vaccines, and all active biological products, drugs, needles... Wait, you need a physical cold - keeping item. All kinds of ice bags can be used in the process of sampling, sending and transporting with the requirements of the cooling temperature. And in accordance with the temperature of the cold temperature, use ice bags to adjust.
How do we use the water injection ice bag after we know the use of the water injection ice bag?
Usage method:
Ice water coolant is a water swellable polymer material as the base material of a physical insurance agent. The ice box, is used to promote curling and edible antiseptic polymer refrigerant + water synthetic liquid cold, it cannot refrigeration. Must be placed in a refrigerator or freezer, refrigerator minus 10-20 degrees Celsius in the frozen 24 hours to the Chengjian hard ice cold storage.
It is characterized by cold storage, rapid cooling and slow release. The cold capacity of each 100g ice bag is about 12 thousand calories. In a sealed container, keep 10 degrees Celsius for 48 to 50 hours. If you want to keep the temperature lower and longer, you can increase the number of ice to adjust.