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What are the benefits of food dry ice preservation through the storage tank?

Update:25 Oct 2017

  We all know that food dry ice is different from the c […]

  We all know that food dry ice is different from the cold, the preservation method is also different, if you can not take the correct storage method, not tight may cause food dry ice evaporation, serious may affect the user's health, so generally stored Dry ice to use a dedicated storage box, what is the benefit of doing so?
Dry ice is widely used in biological engineering, fish processing, stage effects, industrial cleaning, mold cleaning, food preservation, etc., the type of dry ice, dry ice, industry.
Food dry ice to save a professional storage box, but still have to lose, and good storage box can reduce the loss to 6 ‰. There are dry ice storage box expensive, the general family does not have a dedicated box, you can use ordinary foam Box to store.
Do not stick the ice on the refrigerator or the freezer. Because if the dry ice is not directly on the refrigerator or cold storage, refrigerator or cold storage temperature regulator will be mistaken for the temperature is too low and be closed, which will damage the life of the refrigerator. Of course, if the case of dry power in the case of dry ice will definitely keep the refrigerator or cold storage under a good low temperature, but the volatile carbon dioxide out too much can cause the refrigerator explosion.
After each use must be the end of the dry ice from the machine removed into the freezer. After the preservation period of dry ice began to form ice group and even gasification, the use of the effect will be significantly reduced. Dry ice because the sublimation of the relationship within 24 hours will consume a lot, and the loss caused by these sublimation is also everywhere, so dry ice is best to use before buying, to minimize the purchase of dry ice and really use dry ice time interval .
In addition, if not necessary to try not to put a complete dry ice cut into small pieces or granular, cut into small pieces of dry ice than a whole piece of dry ice easier sublimation.