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The function of cold preserving wine cover

Update:27 Jul 2017

   The cold wine bottle set tightly surrounds the wine […]

   The cold wine bottle set tightly surrounds the wine bottle, and the visitor suddenly visits and forgets the iced drink. What shall I do? Don't worry. Use a cold wine cover for 5 minutes to cool the beverage quickly, and then keep the drink low.
   ● put the beverage bottle in a cool wine cover for 5 minutes, and then let the beverage temperature drop by about 10 degrees, and it can keep cold for 1~2 hours.
   ● There is no need to use water, ice, or cold drinks, without preparation, without wasting time.
   ●Fold it up and freeze it in the freezer. It is convenient to use for a rainy day.
   ● It can be used again and again.
   ● Best for soft drinks such as champagne. Please keep it in the freezer for 18 hours or less for 6 hours and then use it. The effect will be better. The product is lighter than ordinary ice, is also not conducive to handling, put on the table.