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The benefits of wearing goggles

Update:13 Nov 2017

1, To improve the microcirculation of the eye, eliminat […]

1, To improve the microcirculation of the eye, eliminate the improvement of eye fatigue, restore ciliary muscle flexibility, inhibit the power of weakness, with a clear purpose of the effect.
2, To improve the brain caused by dizziness, forgetfulness, anorexia and other discomfort, reduce migraines, neurasthenia, insomnia and other brain fatigue syndrome, improve work efficiency.
3, eliminate bags under the eyes. Disadvantages: the cost is slightly higher, the first wearing eye discomfort.
Blindfold applies to sleep in the plane, car sleep. Shading, create a good sleeping environment, help prevent insomnia, suitable for night sleep, office lunch break,
Car and plane used to rest on the plane.
In daylight, light when used to cover the light of the eye irradiation, remove interference, allowing you to have a comfortable and comfortable rest. At the same time can promote eye blood circulation, reduce eye congestion, to prevent dark circles, bags under the eyes.
Widely used in travel, home, rest and sunbathing, especially suitable for insomnia, neurasthenia who use, beneficial to enhance the depth of sleep, improve sleep quality. After the break energetic, physical and mental health.
Hypnosis to sleep more effectively, is an ideal sleep goggles.
Wear eye goggles to reduce light interference
Eye mask can improve sleep effect ~ Eliminate eye pain and effectively prevent dark circles.