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The advantage of gel pillow

Update:24 Jul 2017

   First, the gel pad  without the use of power and ext […]

   First, the gel pad  without the use of power and external conditions can be automatically cooled. When the human body and the ice pad a contact, the pad of ice immediately stimulate the reaction, the release of the slightest coolness, and then by the central nervous instantaneous spread to the brain, cool all over the body, cool effect immediate, set the magic, science, practical in one.
   Second, the experts have proved that the gel cooler products with the disease outside the health care function, not only has a refreshing cooling, anti-cold fire and other functions, but also on high blood pressure, dizziness, back pain, neurasthenia and hemorrhoids Such as disease prevention and treatment have a secondary effect
   Third, the car driver to use gel pads pad mats, to eliminate fatigue, refreshing eyes, focus has a good effect.
   Forth, male friends use gel pads pad mats can reduce the genitals temperature, improve sperm motility, promote fertility function.
   Fifth, gel mats ice pad in the use of a summer, the winter must be put into plastic bags sealed, so that can extend his life, one can reach 5 years.