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Problems often encountered in the use of ice packs

Update:09 Aug 2017

   1. condensate problems    In the process of using ic […]

   1. condensate problems
   In the process of using ice packs, the environment temperature changes from low to high, and the precipitation of condensed water is a normal and inevitable physical reaction. A large amount of condensed water not only affects the paper packaging, but also affects the moisture content of the medicine box. At present most of the cold chain packaging material EPS, EPS easy to absorb water, water produced after body deformation, thermal conductivity increase, thus affecting the cooling performance of refrigerated cold chain box;
   2. inflation too high problem
   The expansion rate of ice packs during use is also an unavoidable problem. The expansion rate of homogeneous ice chains with special ingredients can be controlled within 2% of the expansion rate;
   3. Outer bag material is easy to crack
   The cracking is easy to appear many PE packs in the use process,  add metal components, not easy to use in the process of cracking.
Four advantages of cold chain ice packs:
   1. ingredients: environmental protection non-toxic; through the Provincial Center for disease control through the oral toxicity test; SGS test; air transport conditions identified;
   2. cooling time: longer than ordinary biological ice pack, it is 1.3 times of common ice bag's cold releasing time.
   3. effectively solve the condensate problem, the use of condensed water is absorbed by the ice bag itself;
   4., low expansion rate, to avoid the use of ordinary ice bag in the process of bulging case.