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Precautions when using ice mats

Update:12 Sep 2017

   1    Do not damage the surface with a weapon or pyro […]

   1    Do not damage the surface with a weapon or pyrotechnics. If there is a slight damage, can be used to glue a strong glue.
   2   When the elderly, infants and children with physical weakness, if you feel too cold, please lay a layer of cotton.
   3   products in the complete liquid state, the cooling effect is relatively weak, it is best to timely crystallization, if necessary, two can be used interchangeably.
   4   When the room temperature dropped below 27 ° C, the cushion will automatically crystallize, such as some areas are relatively hot, room temperature is always above 27 ° C, please use cold water soaked or placed in the refrigerator freezer, air conditioning and other low temperature Place to cool the crystal. Product surface has been done waterproofing, contact with water after a dry towel can be.
   5   When using the driver, please note that when the temperature is high, if you want to leave, please do not put the cushion in the direct exposure to solar places, should be placed in a cool place or trunk. If the car has been kept at a high temperature and can not be crystallized again, please refer to Article 4 Caution.
   6   for the computer pad, because some of the computer temperature is high, may be used after the crystallization of the material when the particles are larger, is a normal phenomenon, can continue to use. This phenomenon can be improved by re-crystallization with warm water.
   7   can not be machine wash, should not use hard brush to clean the surface. Wipe with a towel when perspiration or dirt, use detergent.
   8   Please put it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.
   9  inside the material can not eat, pay attention to the material not to enter the eyes.