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Precautions for use of ice packs

Update:10 Oct 2017

Precautions for use of ice packs     1. Every 10 minute […]

Precautions for use of ice packs
    1. Every 10 minutes to observe the cold parts of the skin condition, if pale, bruising, gray, trembling, pain or numbness must immediately stop using.
    2. Note that at any time to observe the ice bag, ice bag with or without leakage, cloth sets of wet should be replaced immediately. After the ice melts, it should be replaced in time.
   3. The use of time is generally 1O ~ 30 minutes or as directed by the doctor.
   4. Ice pack with cold water slightly higher than 1/2 full. Ice pack over the cold on the local pressure is too large, affecting the local blood circulation.
   5. Prohibited parts for the ear, before the heart, abdomen, scrotum and foot Department.
   6. Cooling at the same time in the foot of home hot water bag, reduce brain tissue congestion, promote heat, increase comfort.
   7. If used to cool, ice bag after 30 minutes to be measured body temperature, armpit ice bag after cooling, axillary temperature measurement should not be carried out within 50 minutes. Because local cold stimulation will vasoconstriction, local blood supply decreased, cell activity decreased, the temperature decreased, 30-60 minutes local return to normal.