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Ice timing

Update:15 Aug 2017

   Acute injury: ice compress should be performed at th […]

   Acute injury: ice compress should be performed at the first time of injury. The earlier the ice compress, the better the swelling effect. The ice can be applied over the next 2 to 3 days until the swelling subsides. If there is no ice compress a few days after the injury, the injured area is still painful and swollen and can be relieved by ice compress, but the effect is discounted. Although more and more people already know "is not ice within 24 hours, 24 hours after the hot compress", often can see the clinic or due to the acute hot, swollen feet like Steamed Buns as friends, then the swelling will be very slow.
   Postoperative rehabilitation: ice therapy is essential for rehabilitation after exercise medicine. With the knee joint as an example, ice can reduce the bending exercises around the knee pain, reduce tissue edema, reduce the incidence of myositis ossificans. Ice in rehabilitation exercises as soon as possible, so be prepared before exercise in packs, for joint swelling, obvious pain patients, leg exercises can also be through intermittent ice swelling and pain.

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