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Ice scarf

Update:14 Aug 2017

   Ice scarves are made of imported materials. Outer ba […]

   Ice scarves are made of imported materials. Outer bags are made of cotton. After soaking, the moisture will not leak out due to poor material. Not only can cool Jieshu, refreshing, but also skin care function.
   Cold belt life of up to 3 years or more, can be used repeatedly, cooling effect is obvious, and easy to use, non-toxic harmless, no side effects on the body. In foreign countries has become a kind of work and study, picnic, summer cooling and leisure health popular jewelry. As long as the full absorption of water can be a long time cold, the use of very simple and environmentally friendly!
   【product features】
   As long as immersed in water 20 ~ 30 minutes to feel the cool feeling. If the cool feeling back, just re-soak in the water to restore cool and comfortable!
   Thin design, will not cause uncomfortable feeling for the neck, it will not get wet clothes!
   Color pattern is easy to match clothes!
   Work learning: refreshing, eliminate fatigue
   Excursions: summer heat, skin care
   Sports fitness: cool sweat, cool and cool
   Heat stroke: rapid cooling, analgesic and refreshing
   Lack of sleep: to eliminate bags under the eyes, to dark circles
   【Instructions for use】
   1, the first use, please immerse the ice towel in the water, fully absorb moisture (20 minutes or so) can be used. Can be hand rub, the middle of the cooling crystal to help absorb moisture, so that even expansion.
   2, remove the dry towel to dry the surface, the ice towel to wear in the neck, head, wrist and other parts.
   3, ice towel can be used repeatedly, the use of 24 hours later, the cold belt will resume the initial use of the state can be stored dry, you can continue to use. Re-use only in the water can be soaked, be careful not to soak for too long.
   4,As shown in Figure 4, if the scarf is dirty, you can use the running water to gently wash, do not use the washing machine and detergent cleaning.
   5, remove the dry towel to dry the surface, the cold belt to wear in the neck, head, wrist.