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Ice pack product description

Update:03 Aug 2017

   1, The goods from the high polymer compounds and a v […]

   1, The goods from the high polymer compounds and a variety of biological elements, non-toxic to the human body without any side effects. The scientific formula makes the bag full of flexibility and in the environment at minus 18 ℃ for a long time can still keep the soft feel, commonly known as "frozen ice bag."
   2, The use of the goods can be applied at random parts bent, close to the joints and muscles, so that treatment is more effective.
   3, The goods after pre-cooling or preheating treatment, you can adapt to the occasional alternating hot and cold.
【Be applicable】
   Cold pack: headache fever, toothache, heat stroke, scald, muscle strain, sprain, trauma to stop bleeding, beauty and so on.
   Hot pack: arthritis, rheumatism, dysmenorrhea, stomach discomfort, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain and so on.
   Cold pack: placed in the freezer or refrigerator freezer (-10 ℃ -20 ℃) for more than 15 minutes to use.
   Hot pack: immerse the bag in a container filled with water into the microwave oven (high temperature) can be 3 minutes, or the bag directly into the boiling water for 5 minutes, so that it can be used after the full heat.
   1, The bag is only suitable for external use, such as accidentally damaged packaging so that the liquid stained with eyes or skin, wash with water can be.
   2, In order to prevent the temperature is too high or too low, the best use of towels or cotton wrapped, such as apply after feeling discomfort, should first put down a moment and then apply, such as the user's circulatory system problems, The
   3, Do not put the bag into the microwave without the water into the temperature.