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Ice bag and cold gel role

Update:08 Jan 2018

Ice bag is composed of high capacity, non-toxic, odorle […]

Ice bag is composed of high capacity, non-toxic, odorless high-poly compounds as raw materials, its content is crystal clear, non-corrosive, non-anti-radiation and flexible. The main material is CMC. Both ice packs and bio-ice packs are made from the same kind of material. They use CMC, a new cold-bulking substance, to heat agents, blood and fruits that require low-temperature transport such as biological agents. Ice packs are actually divided into ordinary biological ice packs and gel ice packs, ordinary ice packs will have liquid after melting, while gel ice packs are massive and jelly-like. Ice bags can be used for short-term drug refrigerated transport, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood transport, there is the cold injury of sports injury treatment.