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Hydrogel Mask

Update:01 Nov 2017

• The use of hydrogel mask is different from silk mask […]

• The use of hydrogel mask is different from silk mask
• For example, the hydrogel mask, before use, first make toner, then the mask box inside the essence of smear the whole face, about 30 seconds later, take the mask affixed to the face, then paste the face. Smooth, so that the mask completely fit, apply 1-2 hours, if you do not care asleep, it does not matter The next day, the skin is supple and white and shiny.
• In the application of gelatin mask, the mask will slowly dissolve the essence of the mask through the body temperature, and then absorbed by the skin, so as to achieve the purpose of deep skin care. In fact, the traditional material mask essence, after use, the real absorption of the skin by less than 5%, mainly because the skin barrier so that the stock evaporates, volatile, will lose a lot of essence. The essence of the hydrogel mask nutrients through the gel-like solid slow decomposition of absorption, will not be anti-absorption or evaporation. At the same time, hydrogel this material has a good effect on allergies.
• It seems that the hydrogel mask is more beneficial than the silk mask.