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How to use ice packs

Update:26 Sep 2017

    First. the purpose of reducing body temperature, lo […]

    First. the purpose of reducing body temperature, local swelling, reduce congestion or bleeding, limiting inflammation spread and suppuration, reduce pain.
      1. For fever above 38 ℃ children's cooling.
      2. For high fever, looking red, irritability, hand, foot and other heat in the heat stage of the child is appropriate to this method.
Third. Preparation of ice packs or ice caps, ice packs, cloth sets, washbasins, bags, wooden hammers, ice chisels.
Fourth.operating methods
      1. Window ventilation, so that room temperature is maintained at about 25 ℃ is appropriate.
      2. Know the condition, check the ice bag, ice bag for damage (Figure 2-3-6).
      3. Put the broken small ice into the cold water basin, dissolve the ice edges and corners.
      4. Place the ice pack on the table and put ice into the 1/2 bag and add a little cold water.
      5. Slowly put the ice bag so that the liquid close to the ice bag mouth, drain the ice bag after the gas clamped ice bag mouth.
      6. Wipe dry ice bag inverted jitter, check for leaks, and then put on cloth sets.
      7. Place the ice pack in the body of the sick child.
      8. After the ice melts to be replaced.
      9. After the completion of the ice with the water inside the water control dry, hang, ice bag, wash sets to dry.