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How to science ice?

Update:23 Aug 2017

    Recently found in the clinic, many friends in the p […]

    Recently found in the clinic, many friends in the production and use of ice bags when there is a problem, the wrong choice of ice bags, not only will affect the effect of ice, delayed rehabilitation, and even the existence of security risks. Now I am going to introduce a scientific method of making ice packs for ice making.
    In fact, ice in many medical disciplines have applications, such as shock patients with ice cap to protect brain tissue, fever patients through the armpit ice bag physical cooling and so on. This is the most widely used in sports medical ice bag, because the purpose of treatment is different, ice pack ice and ice method is also very different. Suitable ice pack and scientific combination of ice in order to achieve the best and most safe ice effect, in fact, we can do this.
    Ice method
    Ice water mixture to do the media ice pack, room temperature should be appropriate to put a little more ice, because the room temperature is high ice fast, if the ice soon into the water, the ice bag surface temperature will begin to rise, The effect of the second half of the ice will be affected.
    The benefits of self-made ice bag is a transparent bag, in the ice at any time you can see the ice water mixture melting situation. The first use of ice packs, you can pad in the ice pad a thin towel, do not wrap ice packs, ice is generally maintained for 15 to 20 minutes, so it is best to let the ice in about 20 minutes to melt out. Used several times to know how much ice put the most appropriate, so do not waste a guarantee of ice effect.
    After mastering the law, you can also use a thin towel wrapped ice pack for ice. The frequency and frequency of ice according to their actual situation, if necessary, can be increased to every 2 to 3 hours once. (Such as fibula head, tibial tubercle, femoral medial condyle, etc.), to strictly control the ice time, and it is best not to direct contact with the skin ice bags, so as not to frostbite.

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