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How to cool the hydrogel cooling pad

Update:20 Nov 2017

Gel ice pad belongs to high-tech cooling products, it i […]

Gel ice pad belongs to high-tech cooling products, it is based on the physical principle of phase transformation, combining the factors of human health care and sunstroke developed into. The product of the magic and mystery in pad in ice, snow and ice like substance which is formed by natural minerals and polymeric materials mixing, when the human body contacts the saddle Smoothie body to absorb heat and make people sit both cool cool, and Smoothie slowly into the liquid, when people leave the seat, cushion. The liquid can be automatically restored to Smoothie, so repeated use, can be used for three years long and cool.

The gel ice pad first uses the high specific heat capacity of water to absorb the heat of the body surface, and then uses the three-dimensional reticular molecular structure of the hydrophilic gel to heat quickly, so as to realize the physical cooling and achieve the cool effect. Holy ice gel ice pad, its material, process and hydrophilic gel production standards are more advanced. The molecular structure of hydrophilic gel formed by a plurality of long chain molecules cross-linked to form a three-dimensional network structure, is the body is elastic and cohesion, through hydrogen bonding,  so as to realize the solid but a lot of water. As is known to all, water has a high specific heat capacity, and the same mass of moisture increases by 1 degrees, and the heat absorbed by it is much greater than that of other substances. At the same time, using the three-dimensional network molecules of hydrophilic gel good thermal conductivity, the rapid absorption of heat into the air, this cycle is sustainable throughout the night.