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How to choose ice packs

Update:16 Aug 2017

     Now the market can buy a variety of ice packs, can […]

     Now the market can buy a variety of ice packs, can be divided into two kinds, including frozen media and free of frozen media. Contains media similar to the refrigerator in the refrigerator, the cold capacity can be up to 6 times the same volume of ice. This ice bag is easy to use and efficient when refrigerated and fresh, but because the initial surface temperature is too low, and not constant, for the limb ice effect is not good, or even unsafe, and sometimes cause frostbite. In contrast, non-media ice bag is better, the use of ice water mixture as a medium, this ice bag surface temperature is constant, the role of lasting.
    But I still recommend the use of homemade ice bags, not only because of cheap (almost zero cost), more importantly, the safety and effectiveness of homemade ice bags are guaranteed, and even the above two kinds of ice bags than the advantages ). Hospitalized friends will see our ward has to do ice bags dedicated to the preservation of bags and ice machines, in fact, after returning home, we can do the best use of their own ice pack.
How to make ice bags
    Material: medium fresh bag (supermarket to buy, each with two), ice (ice box ice self, or to KFC edge), tap water.
    Do the ice bag is simple, but there are a few things to note:
    1), generally with 1 ice +2 copies of water, ice water mixture after the ice bag capacity can be 1/2.
    2), sealing, the first water above the surface of the air discharge, close to the location of the pocket knot (A), do not close to the surface knot (B), do not half a bag of air half a bag of water (C). So there are three benefits: ① ice bags will not be bulging, easy to fall when the drop, ② increase the contact area of ice bags and skin, ③ no air in the ice bag, so ice will not cause the surrounding ice water is the middle of the air Situation, so that even ice.
    3), sealed tight, the outside and then set a layer of fresh bags, fresh bags of good and bad quality, get water flooding Jinshan embarrassed, especially not stitches of the patient, but also contaminated wounds.

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