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How is the cold storage box for a long time?

Update:16 Oct 2017

   The main role of refrigerated containers is used to […]

   The main role of refrigerated containers is used to cool low-temperature items, the temperature range is roughly: 2 ~ 8 ℃, the main effect is cold storage, the role of the refrigerator to understand, and that the refrigerator is how to achieve a long time cold
   Now the market is generally divided into two kinds of refrigerators, one is the active cooling, that is, need to plug in the cooling, such as car refrigerator, the other is a passive cooling, no need to plug a long time can be cold, Specific of their cold principles are as follows:
   1, the need to plug the refrigerator is the working principle of a closed system by the compressor to change the state of the refrigerant, the use of liquid heat absorption (similar to alcohol sprinkled on the body, the rapid evaporation will feel a cool principle), and then through The evaporator of this closed system is heat exchanged with the surroundings for cooling and maintenance, and of course other auxiliary equipment such as motors for circulating air.
   2, do not need to plug the refrigerator that is the principle of refrigeration is mainly the use of dry ice or ice bag ice box, the use of material state to change the endothermic heat to cool the surrounding environment, this cold storage process is no power supply, the cooling is not By the transport conditions and geographical restrictions, distribution more flexible (with the previous difference: the method of refrigeration ice pack for the ice ready for the use of the need to re-fill through the refrigeration equipment, you can use, on a cooling method Can be recycled, as long as there is electricity, you can always use it).