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How does a child's fever cool down with an ice pack?

Update:11 Aug 2017

   Parents of children fever often behave at a loss, ea […]

   Parents of children fever often behave at a loss, eat anti fever drugs, but also fear side effects too. Do not take medicine, but also afraid of high temperature children, the body burned. Looking at the burning drowsily child was indescribably anxious. Finally have to rush to send the child to the hospital. In fact, the child fever is not terrible, mainly to see whether the parents of the method of fever is correct.
   Ice packs, cold compresses
   You can go to the store to buy Chemical ice bag, into the freezer, ice is removed after the gel state becomes solid, dry towel to wrap the ice pack on the baby forehead, neck armpit and groin, can be used repeatedly. Can also be home-made ice bag, with a one-time medical silicone hand sets of water knot, freezer, frozen solid after use.
   If you think the ice is too cold, you can take out the ice bag when it is not completely frozen. After a cold compress, the body temperature should be re measured for half an hour. Feet and so on, do not rub, so as not to cause adverse reactions.
   It is better to use physical cooling for the baby's fever. We only mentioned a variety of physical cooling methods above. These methods of physical cooling are sometimes more effective than the cooling of drugs. I hope the new mothers and dads can take good care of the baby's health.