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How do you use ice packs?

Update:26 Jul 2017

   In the heat of summer, what people want is to make t […]

   In the heat of summer, what people want is to make themselves cooler and have a weapon of their own. Now this is not wishful thinking. Ice pack, make you this summer is not too hot.
   How to use ice packs:
   1、for the first time, the ice bag water injection mouth sealing open, according to the water level line injection of clean water (not more than 2/3 or maximum water injection).
   2、exhaust the air inside the ice bag, gently pinch sealing can be closed.
   3、 after a few seconds, ice bag material and water fusion reactions into jelly. At this point, the ice bag material will not flow through the nozzle, but do not press hard or contact with sharp objects.
   4、the prepared ice bag into the refrigerator freezer, frozen into blocks.
   5、 the cooling effect of the sustainable 10-12 hours, completely thawed, the contents will restore the gel, then again can be placed in the refrigerator freezer, the use of preparations for the second day of the. Repeated freezing and thawing, the number of use more than 1000 times.
   Use of ice packs:
   1、for medical cooling, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cold compress, hemostasis, physiotherapy, skin care.
   2、 refrigerated transport of various biological refrigeration reagents, drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade preservation of food long distance refrigerated transportation.
   3、 for athletes in the course of training and competition in addition to bumps, sprains, falls and so on.
   4、daily life cool storage and electricity saving, when the refrigerator power failure to maintain low temperature, food preservation, iced drinks, travel carrying.