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How can we more scientifically understand the ice pack?

Update:25 May 2018

Ice pack are useful for our lives! How can we more scie […]

Ice pack are useful for our lives! How can we more scientifically understand the ice pack? At present, there are two types of ice packs in the market: edible ice packs, and cold chain-specific ice packs that are specially used to store various types of low-temperature items. Today, we mainly come to recognize cold chain-specific ice packs. Although the ice bag is environmentally friendly, it must not be eaten.

Ice bag commonly known as:
Ice bags are commonly known as ice sources, refrigerants, cold storage agents, or coolants in the cold chain industry.
Ice bag contents:
Although the ice packs have their own name, their composition and working principle are the same. The content of the ice packs is a kind of efficient cold storage agent, safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless.
Ice pack packaging:
Ice pack is generally nylon composite film and PE film (Note: Nylon laminated film is stronger than PE film, but the cost is higher, the general regular ice bag manufacturers will use nylon composite film, such as Nanbeichuan line)
Actual use of ice bag features:
The frozen ice bag does not leak in the actual transportation environment after freezing, and does not pollute the transported goods. In use, it is not limited by the transportation conditions and geographical restrictions.
Ice bag type:
Ice pack types include water injection ice packs, non-injection ice packs (finished ice packs), solid ice packs, bio-ice packs, etc.
Ice bag temperature zone division:
The ice pack is divided into 2-8°C refrigerated ice packs, -12°C/-18°C/-22°C frozen ice packs, and -36°C/-55°C dry ice ice packs.
Ice bag contents at room temperature and frozen state:
The state of the ice bag contents at room temperature varies according to the type of ice bag. The water-filled ice bag is in the state of white powder before use. The water-filled ice bag is in the form of a paste-like particle after filling, and it is solid after cooling. The non-water-injection ice bag is a finished ice bag and is a paste at room temperature. Granular, frozen as a solid; Solid ice packs are solid at room temperature and after freezing; Biological ice packs are jelly at room temperature and solid after freezing.
Ice bag works:
The working principle of the ice pack is mainly to absorb a large amount of energy from the outside and release it at a slow speed in order to achieve the effect of insulation and cooling. The whole process belongs to the physical change process - energy conversion, and it does not produce any chemical toxic substances.