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High-efficient ice packs, ice box profile

Update:18 Dec 2017

Introduction Efficient ice packs, also known as cold st […]

Efficient ice packs, also known as cold storage or refrigerant, using its high-quality cold storage capacity to achieve the purpose of refrigeration and insulation.
Songyu Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ice packs whose high performance is determined by the composition of ice packs and widely used in biological products, vaccines, blood products, genetically engineered drugs, biological raw materials, diagnostic reagents, food industry, etc. In various industries.
Ice bag features:
Large cold
The composition of the ice pack increases the latent heat value of water by adding scientific formula, enhances the refrigerating effect of the ice pack, and can keep the refrigerating temperature in the foam box or the incubator for a longer time.
Slow release
Biological ice pack by changing the physical properties of the ice pack medium, increasing the ice pack cold release time, extended refrigeration temperature time.
Outer packaging strong and durable
The outer bag of ice pack adopts the nylon composite film with anti-pressure resistance, which increases the compressive strength of the outer bag of ice pack and reduces the cold and brittleness coefficient of the outer bag, which is more suitable for the practical application of the enterprise and greatly reduces the damage rate of the ice bag and more effective protection the product.