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Gel mask

Update:06 Nov 2017

Gel Mask is a new generation of collagen mask made of n […]

Gel Mask is a new generation of collagen mask made of natural plant essence, combined with polymer bio-fusion technology. The gel in such a mask is composed of a polymer network and a solvent, both in solid and liquid.

Gel mask has three characteristics:
1, affinity skin. Due to its water-soluble polymer structure contained in the water is very close to human skin moisture status (normal skin moisture content 57.7-61.0%), will not cause adverse foreign body reaction, the gel mask of the essence of the largest component Permeated into the human skin tissue limit, without the mask in the absorption of nutrients is difficult;
2, high water content. Because of its matrix rich in water retaining agent, is several times the normal mask, prolonged use will not produce anti-suction skin moisture phenomenon;
3, water lock water. Because of its matrix water up to 60% or more, long-term sustained release water lock, keep the skin moist state.