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Fresh ice pack classification

Update:11 Dec 2017

Reusable ice packs Four-layer technology ice consists o […]

Reusable ice packs

Four-layer technology ice consists of two layers of non-woven textile material that, combined with a trade secret formula, are compressed into a special form of cross linked, polyacrylic polyol polymer refrigerant. The two key plastic layers inside use a one-way, fine perforation technique that allows the plastic layer to be bonded to the textile material layer to ensure that the new model can withstand the harshest weather conditions during transportation Innovation.
One-time ice packs
One side is high-density plastic, one side is non-woven. Mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and all products that need to be refrigerated (if technology ice along with the product shipped away, can not be recovered for repeated use, it is recommended to use disposable) Although the design is a one-time use, However, it can also be used multiple times with care and caution.
Fresh ice bag Usage
First ice bag on the water, hand rubbing, so that science and technology ice expansion, swelling to about 1 cm for the best state, after swelling out of the surface of the water to dry, and then placed in the freezer can be frozen.