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Description of the use of biological ice bags

Update:22 Jan 2018

[product introduction] 1. this product is a substitute […]

[product introduction]
1. this product is a substitute for ice, which is used several times better than the common ice. With the use of heat preservation bags (boxes, boxes, buckets), it can effectively keep food fresh, suitable for school, work and meals, outdoor work, outdoor activities, tourism and so on.
2. is widely used in the transportation of temperature sensitive products, such as aquatic products, flowers, fruit and so on. It can also be used in the fields of medical care (Leng Fu), sports health care, beauty care and so on.
3. this product is made up of high and new technology biological materials to achieve food grade standards, sanitary and environmental protection. The gel in the product is nontoxic and pollution-free, and its packaging can prevent bacteria, molds and moulds from growing in the container.
4., after freezing, it has high chilled storage capacity, high cold retention property and long duration. It is widely used in cooling care, breast milk preservation, and refrigerating and transporting medical products, agricultural products and fresh food.
[product use]
1. medical uses: refrigerated transportation of various biological agents, drugs, plasma, vaccines, etc.
2. family care: physical cooling and fever, cold compress and hemostasis, injuries and sprains, physiotherapy and skin care, etc.
3. refrigerated transportation: poultry meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, agricultural products, chocolate, bee products, cooked food and other kinds of goods
4. cold storage: the preservation of breast milk, the cold preservation of beer drinks, the cold storage of food and other items
5. boxes of rice fresh-keeping: summer and autumn lunch box (or food) easy to deteriorate. The ice bag (cold) into the ice bag and lunch, lunch in order to maintain low temperature, to need to eat, then heating food.
6, the car uses: can be used as a refrigerator, enjoy the food and drink whenever and wherever possible, iced fresh and delicious delicious.
7, outdoor use: it is an ideal product for keeping cool food and drink when camping, roasting, fishing and long travel.
8. cold saving energy saving: energy saving and electricity saving; release cold amount and prolong the freshness of food and vegetable when the refrigerator is cut off
[product efficacy]
Things and frozen "ice (cold)" airtight insulation package (box), the preservation of decay. The use time varies slightly depending on the environment, and the thawing time is longer than that of the common ice. When it is dissolved, it will not produce a lot of condensed water like ice, and the food will not be soaked by water.
[use method]
Freeze in the refrigerator for 10 hours or so, and put it in the heat preservation container with the things that need to be refrigerated. Repeated freezing and thawing can be used indefinitely.
1. this product can not be heated, can be cleaned with household cleaning agent, and dishwasher can not be used.
2. do not make this product be subjected to heavy pressure deformation and breakage
3. ice bag content is not edible