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Cold bag cold

Update:04 Dec 2017

【Products】 Ice bag (ice bag, ice cap), cloth cover and […]

Ice bag (ice bag, ice cap), cloth cover and dry compress cloth, ice, pots, hammers.
1. The ice cubes into small pieces into the basin, rushed to the acute angle with water after the ice pack or ice pack about l / 2 volume, after the exhaust clamp the bag mouth, dry the bag outside the water, upside down, check after no leakage Put on the cloth cover, place the cold area, or lift the ice bag to make the bottom contact the area to relieve the pressure.
2. Ice cap for cooling the head to prevent cerebral edema. Pour the ice onto the acute angle and load ice cap about 1 / 2-2 / 3 volume. After placing a layer of dry compress inside the ice cap, place the head, the head in addition to the face, buried in them. Can be quickly cooled.
3. Check the ice pack at any time to see if there is water leakage and the skin condition of the site being applied to prevent frostbite.
[Be careful]
1. High fever patients can be placed on the forehead, head or body surface at the vascular.
2. Head cooling, patients should be closely observed changes in condition and temperature, the general body temperature should not be less than 36 degrees.