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Coated facial mask - gel type mask

Update:28 Jul 2017

   Gel type mask. It will extract solidified into a gel […]

   Gel type mask. It will extract solidified into a gel or gel state, and then by the way of isolating closed temporarily, the essence is better absorbed into the skin. This mask is divided into washing and disposable, most sleep mask is a disposable type of this type.

   1, feel cool, suitable for summer use, usually sunburn, insulation and other functions will have the same texture of the mask;
   2, gentle and effective softening cutin, make the skin more soft, easy to use.
   Mild to clean skin, wash type mask is a kind of security. But the premise is must avoid using alkaline formula or surface active agent added high fat force formula.  As thick as possible, the effect is better. A disposable type mask that we often say that the sleep mask. But also need to pay attention to, every day use sleep mask or will cause some burden on the skin, and even affect the skin's self repair ability, so I suggest doing 2-3 times a week.