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Classification of refrigerated ice packs

Update:13 Apr 2018

Reusable ice packs: Composed of two non-woven textile m […]

Reusable ice packs:
Composed of two non-woven textile material layers, which combine the trade secret formula, into a special form of cross-linked, multi-component acrylic polyol polymer refrigerant. The two more critical plastic layers inside use a one-way fine perforation technique that allows the plastic layer to be bonded to the textile material layer to ensure that this new model can withstand the harshest weather during transport.

Disposable ice pack:

One side is high density plastic and one side is non-woven
It is mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and all products that need to be refrigerated (if transported together with the product, they cannot be reclaimed and used repeatedly, and it is recommended to use disposables). Although the design is for single use, it is Careful and careful use can also be used multiple times.