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Chemical ice bag

Update:25 Dec 2017

【Products】 Chemical ice bag, also known as health ice p […]

Chemical ice bag, also known as health ice pack (made of high polymer material, has high efficiency cold storage, cooling at -3 degrees low temperature, still maintain good flexibility). Easy to use.
1. Remove the chemical ice pack inner core into the freezer freezer, frozen 2-3h can be used or spare.
2. Remove frozen after chemical ice pack placed on body parts. Two chemical ice packs can be exchanged for frozen use.
3. Such as chemical ice packs too cool, can add flannel package.
【Be careful】
Cooler with ice pack. Cold wet apply
Basin ice and ice water, dressing clamp 2, pad 2, rubber cloth, towel treatment.
The rubber cloth and towel treatment pad into place, the pad immersed in ice water or cold water, with dressing clamp screw dry pad, not dripping appropriate, deposited in the affected area, every 1 to 3 minutes to replace 1, sustained Time 15-20min or as directed. Warm sponge bath, 32-34 ℃ warm water basin, impregnated gauze or small towel 2, a large towel, ice bag, hot water bottle.