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How about the instant cool ice pack and the quick freeze ice bag purchased?

Update:02 Aug 2017

   There are a lot of friends on the instant cooling ic […]

   There are a lot of friends on the instant cooling ice pack and quick cold ice bag or do not understand, and even some friends in the purchase of instantly cooling ice pack and cold ice pack after returning home do not know how to use? Anyway, there will be a variety of problems in the use of the process, the technician for customers in the use of instantaneous cooling ice pack and cold ice bag in the process of summarizing the problems summed up, and everyone to share.
Speed ice pack and instantaneous cooling ice bag refers to the same kind of ice bag, just called different, this ice bag without cold source, easy to carry, can be achieved in a very short period of time rapid cooling, the temperature can reach 0-5 ℃, Can keep a long cold. Suitable for outdoor sports sprained injury situation of the first aid.
   Instantly cool the ice pack and the use of quick-frozen ice packs:
We used to instantly cool the ice bag and the ice pack before the ice, check the ice bag for damage, to ensure that the premise, we find the liquid bag inside the ice bag, forced the liquid package pinch, and quickly shake the ice bag, so that the liquid and instantaneous cooling Ice bags and quick-frozen ice bag inside the white particles are fully mixed, and then put the moment to cool the ice bag and cold ice bags on the pain or the need for iced parts can be.
   Instantaneous cooling ice pack and quick-frozen ice bag to use the relevant note:
Instantly cool the ice bag and quick-frozen ice bag only for external use, not edible, ice bag content exposed to the skin of the eye, because immediately washed with water thoroughly; if accidentally eating, should drink plenty of water in time to spit out, if necessary, timely medical treatment;
The ice bag for the one-time use of the product, after use thrown into the trash, do not throw anywhere。