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The role of cold gel

Update:05 Sep 2017

   The role of cold gel there are many, for example:    […]

   The role of cold gel there are many, for example:
   1, it is often used to anti-inflammatory pain.
   2, cold gel high transmittance, thermal conductivity, the skin is not much stimulation, no loss of the probe, is an ideal thermal light and rejuvenation of the special medium. Through the high heat conduction, permeability and absorption, whitening effect is often more obvious.
  3, skin care products additives. Cold gel is non-irritating, non-toxic, non-greasy and easy to clean. General skin care products are added in a small amount of ingredients inside.
  4, cold gel can penetrate the skin, a highly nutrient absorption of nutrients, promote cell metabolism, whitening freckle, dilute the stain.
   5, tighten and enhance the facial skin, repair damaged skin tissue, so that the skin delicate and ruddy shiny. No side effects, will not cause damage to the skin's subcutaneous tissue. Is a lot of beauty beauty whitening skin care the best choice.

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